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The VK PowerMax 1500 Blast Wheel is 15” in diameter and incorporates eight blades operating at 3600 RPMS generating abrasive velocities of nearly 300 feet per second. The PowerMax 1500 wheel is pre-tested and the wheel components are weighed and balanced for smooth and precise operation. This wheel also offers greater horsepower to the blade tip, providing more abrasive thrown per horsepower providing greater efficiency. The PowerMax also offers a greater percentage of wheel weight in the abrasive resistant components, thereby increasing part life.  It also utilizes few replacement parts, reducing operating costs. Other features include 1” thick cast chrome liners, and a new hub and wheel design for improved balance and reduction of dead weight, which also improves efficiency and increases service life.



• Pre-tested for smooth operation

• Parts weighed and balanced for precision

• More horsepower transfer to the blade tip providing more abrasive thrown per HP

• Greater percentage of wheel weight in the abrasive resistant parts for longer life

• Longer wear cast chrome/moly alloy

• 1" thick cast liners

• New hub and wheel design improves balance, reduces dead weight while dramatically improving service life

• Fewer replacement parts, reducing operating costs