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300 Rubber Belt Blaster With a Loader


Viking's new Rubber Belt Blaster With a Loader: 300 Model

News Release: New Tumble Blaster
For Immediate Release
January 2012
Contact: Deron Lock

Viking Blast & Wash Systems announces the release of their newly redesigned tumble belt blast machine in the fleet of Industrial Blast machines.  The 3 cubic foot, model 300.   The latest version incorporates changes that make it a more efficient blast mill by lowering your operating costs.  The increased options lineup make the 300 a more versatile machine providing wider applications to the many industries served.       

This new 300 has a smaller footprint by the integration of the media lift system and the elimination of the auger which lowers overall maintenance cost and improving component accessibility.   The unique repositioning of the 10-HP VKPowerMax series blast wheel optimizes the blast pattern to make most efficient use of wheel performance.  The drum heads and side liners are manganese alloy as standard and easily serviced.  Other optional features are a vertical pneumatic access door, rotary scalping drum for removing debris from blast media and an auxiliary abrasive hopper.  Front bucket loaders and custom unloading conveyors are common options for the 300.  Finally, for SEVERE DUTY applications, the 300-J can be provided with a manganese steel or steel flight tumble belt for blasting HOT parts, as well as cast chrome drumheads to stand up to the most aggressive blast medias.       

Peening requirements are satisfied with optional variable speed drive blast wheel control, Magna-valve abrasive control as well as optional PLC-to-operator touch screen for pre-programmed and recorded, part specific recipes. 

All Viking cartridge style dust collectors are sold with NFPA required deflagration panels as standard.    

Viking Blast & Wash Systems offers industrial cleaning solutions for all sizes and shapes of metal parts. To receive a copy of the new brochure or for information on any of the shot blast, wash, or vibratory equipment offered by Viking, please call 1-800-835-1096, email or visit their website at



Best Regards
Deron Lock
GM Viking Corporation
1800 835 1096 xt 205