Catalog : Shot Peening Blasters : 60T Shot Peening Table Blaster

60T Shot Peening Table Blaster



• Wrap around door allows easy access for loading

   and unloading parts


• Table is lined with a self-draining 3/8" thick

   manganese alloy plate


• Direct impingement areas in line with the blast

  stream are lined with 1/2” thick, 12” x 12”

  replaceable cast chrome/moly liners


• Magna-valve brand electro-magnetic shot valves

  and controller for abrasive flow control for each blast


• Safety interlock to prevent opening of the blast

  cabinet door during operation, protecting the

  operator from harm.


• Fully adjustable lip type airwash separator

  ensures optimal abrasive cleaning.


• Low abrasive sensor and warning light on the

  electrical panel