GC SR12 Pass Through Cylinder Blaster

The GC-SR12 is the fasted production style blast cleaning system on the market, capable of cleaning approximately 1,920 T-K 300 Series and 960 e-medical bottles per 8-hour shift

• Removes rust and/or enamel paint from gas cylinders up to 12” in diameter
• This machine is capable of cleaning both welding gas and 20 and 100 pound propane tanks
• Utilizes VK PowerMax direct drive blast wheels in various configurations depending on work
• The abrasive conveyance system and airwash separation systems recycles abrasive to an overhead hopper for a continuous supply of clean abrasive
• Rugged and durable construction, with 1/2” thick cast chrome/moly lining protects the blast cabinet from wear
• Cleans to a SSPC-6 surface finish on a continuous flow basis

• Vestibules and seal systems have been specially designed to reduce carry out and abrasive loss
• High production style machine that utilizes a skew roll conveyor system to completely blast the tank’s exterior