Viking Blast & Wash Systems announces the release of the newly redesigned RW6072 parts washer in our industrial line of batch washers.  The model RW6072 has been enhanced with upgrades to improve your washing efficiency. 



The new RW6072 features a 20 HP pump curve reservoir mounted vertical centrifugal pumps giving approximately 200 gallon per minute pump capacity at approximately 65 pounds per square inch pressure.  Pump has no bearings, seals or gaskets to replace.  The rotating workbasket measuring 60 inches diameter and having a work clearing height of 72 inches, weight load capacity to be approximately 2,500 pounds, the table being mounted in off center cabinet position provides loading access to the basket.   The work basket is rotated by a 1/2 HP rotary basket gear-motor that is sprocket and chain driven.


This specific unit is equipped with an industrial, natural gas burner with electronic ignition; electronic flame sensor, fresh air blower motor, adjustable air intake.  Heats wash water between 160-180° Fahrenheit, also featuring dual belt type oil skimmers.


The cabinet is constructed out of 7 gauge steel, structurally reinforced steel with rod and carrier bearing hinge system for the door.



     Viking Blast & Wash Systems offers industrial cleaning solutions for all sizes and shapes of metal parts. To receive a copy of the new brochure or for information on any of the shot blast, wash, or vibratory equipment offered by Viking, please call 1-800-835-1096, email  or visit our website at