Viking's new Skew Roll Machine: SR12-1

News Release: New Welding Gas Cylinder Shot Blaster
For Immediate Release
January 2012
Contact: Deron Lock

Viking Blast & Wash Systems announces the release of their newest blaster in it's GC line.    The SR12-1.      This new and redesigned unit fits into a gap in through put volumes between Viking GC 440, at 400  cylinders per shift and the 1000 cylinder per shift SR12-2.   The SR12-1 utilizes 1, 20 HP VKpowermax direct drive blast wheel to blast 650, 60" tall oxygen cylinders per shift.  

This is the most versatile of all standard cylinder blasters on the market with capability to blast cylinders down to 3" diameter and as short as 14" in length.    It also has a maximum diameter of 14"  allowing propane tanks upto 100 gallon to be blasted as well.      New longer vestibule and return trays make this the cleanest unit of its kind currently sold as standard.     Entrance  feeding tables and exit staging and set down tables are sold as standard for welding gas bottles, but can also be bought without those features.      The system is smart.   It knows when the system is full and to shut down and it also knows when dissimilar sized cylinders have caused cylinders to accumulate too close together on the conveyor.     The cabinet, blast wheel and liners are all made of high quality cast chome/moly alloy, manganese plate and other abrasive resistant materials for long service life and easy maintenance.   

Options such as low level abrasive sensors with feed hopper and variable frequency drive for the blast wheel are also available. 

Viking Blast & Wash Systems offers industrial cleaning solutions for all sizes and shapes of metal parts. To receive a copy of the new brochure or for information on any of the shot blast, wash, or vibratory equipment offered by Viking, please call 1-800-835-1096, email or visit their website at