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Ultra Soft Shot

The Viking Blast & Wash Systems is pleased to offer new soft metallic abrasives, called Ultra Soft Shot. This metallic abrasive is designed to replace glass beads, plastic media, zinc shot and soft abrasives in non-destructive blasting and polishing applications.

What is Ultra Soft Shot?

 Ultra Soft Shot is a metallurgical enhanced, soft steel developed for use in abrasive blasting applications where little or no damage or change to the surface can be tolerated. Ultra Soft Shot is produced in our own Detroit plant using a proprietary manufacturing process derived from our powered metal production. Ultra Soft Shot can be used in conventional blast cleaning machines, both airblast and airless, with no equipment changes or special adjustments to the blast machine. And because this media is so very soft, it nearly eliminates wear and tear on blast machines and their components. Because Ultra Soft Shot can be used in standard blast machines, you can mass finish parts that are now being finished one-at-a-time in an airblast cabinet.


The hardness of Ultra Soft Shot is <20 HRC and typically between 12 and 15 HRC. And unlike other so-called soft Products, Ultra Soft Shot will not work-harden once in use but remains at the same hardness throughout it’s useful life



How does Ultra Soft Shot compare to other abrasives?


  Hardness Durablity Density
Glass Beads 50-60 Rc (5-7 Mohs) 5-8 Cycles 2.6/cc
SAE Steel Shot 42-65 Rc (6-8 Mohs) 2500-3500 Cycles 7.4g/cc
Stainless Steel Shot 20 Rc (work hardens to 60 Rc) 3500-4500 Cycles 7.0g/cc
Plastic Media 3-4 Mohs 4-6 Cycles 1.5g/cc
Ultra Soft Shot 3-3.5 Mohs 6000-7000 Cycles 7.4g/cc


The advantages of using Ultra Soft Shot are:

*Faster cleaning                                                                          

*Less abrasion to surface

*Longer media life                                                                      

*Can be used in airless blast equipment

*Reduced blast waste                                                                

*Reduced ferrous impingement

*No wear & tear on blast machine                                           

*No equipment adjustments needed

*A less dusty atmosphere for improved visibility in the blast cabinet


What Ultra Soft Shot sizes are available?

Ultra Soft Shot is available in many sizes, from US 70 to US 780, however the most popular sizes are US 70, US 90, US 110, US 170, US 230, and US 280. Special shot and grit sizes can be produced to fit special applications.


What are some applications for Ultra Shot Spot?

*Deflashing non-ferrous die casting                                       

*Cleaning machined surfaces on steel or iron

*Cleaning permanent molds in aluminum                               

*Removing scale from heat treated parts

*Stripping coating from light metal stampings                      

*Removing carbon build-up from exhaust valves

*Removing mold material from investment casting               

*Refinishing aluminum automotive wheels