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Vibratory Burnishing Compounds

Our burnishing compounds are formulated to provide bright, clean, lustrous results. Used with hardened steel medias, burnishing compounds produce especially bright final finishes. These blends offer rust protection to costly steel media and valuable non-ferrous production parts.

Burnishing Compounds


RAVIK-2BP pH 8.5     (Powder)
An all-purpose compound in powder form imparting beautiful virgin metal color and high gloss to all metals and alloys when used on clean surfaces. RAVIK-2BP is a mild alkaline multi-burnish compound with outstanding lubricating, cushioning, soil suspending and lustering properties, surpassing in performance many specialty compounds. Works well with any media and leaves no film on the work. Performs equally well in vibratory or barrel finishing equipment.


RAVIK-5BP pH 8.5     (Powder)
A general-purpose powdered burnishing compound with good cleaning qualities.


VIK-25BL pH 8.5 (Liquid)
An all-purpose, highly concentrated burnishing liquid with unusually wide application range. Excellent cleaning, emulsifying and soil-suspending properties. Works well with abrasive or non-abrasive media. Ideally suited for steel ball burnishing on all metals and alloys. Keeps steel media bright and clean for longer periods of time. When cleaning of media is indicated, a slight increase in concentration over a short period accomplishes this without stopping or interfering with continuous processing. Will not work in too high a concentration. In very high dilution this compound is used with abrasive or non-abrasive media for deburring and cleaning, thus accenting its all-purpose capability. Meets all anti-pollution control requirements. Contains no nitrite, chromate, phosphate or nitrilo-triacetic acid (NTA) and its detergent constituents are fully biodegradable.


VIK-30BL pH 5.5 (Liquid)
An all purpose liquid burnishing compound, especially designed to yield unsurpassed color and luster on non ferrous metals and alloys, but will work also on ferrous metals. Superlative results are achieved with this compound in steel ball burnishing on zinc and aluminum in both vibratory and barrel finishing equipment. Will not work in high concentration. Metal Magic 30 is used in high dilution with abrasive or non-abrasive media for deburring and cleaning. Like VIK-25BL25, this compound meets all anti-pollution control requirements.


VIK-32BL pH 8.0 (Liquid)
A less concentrated liquid burnishing and cleaning compound with slightly alkaline pH. Like VIK-30BL , this compound has a wide range of applications and is suitable for use on all metals and alloys for burnishing, deburring and cleaning, but it cannot produce the exceptionally high color and luster of VIK-30BL. This burnishing compound is ideal for use in flow-through systems. It is applicable for both vibratory and barrel finishing.


VIK-610-ABL  pH 5.0 (Liquid)
A low foaming burnishing compound with excellent cleaning and degreasing power. When used with steel media in burnishing operations, the media obtains and retains maximum brightness. While highly effective on stainless steel, it is also used on all other ferrous metals. While primarily a steel media burnishing compound, VIK-610-ABL can also be used with other media for cleaning, coloring and brightening effect.


VIK-700-BL  pH 5.0  (Liquid)
Our latest liquid multi-burnish compound, yielding exceptionally high color and luster in ball burnishing operations. VIK-700-BL keeps steel media bright and may be used on all metals and alloys. It possesses unusually high cleaning power and produces a light foam blanket very quickly, even in minute quantities. This compound is suitable for use with any media. It can be employed in high dilution for deburring operations. For burnishing operations media must be cleaned by running this product for a short cycle.



VIK- 712BL  pH 5.0  (Liquid)
An outstanding and perhaps unexcelled steel media burnishing compound, especially designed for brass, bronze and related alloys. It also yields beautiful color on aluminum, zinc die cast parts and items of high lead content. This compound works with steel burnishing media only and is completely ineffective with any other media. When used for the first time with steel media in vibratory or tumbling equipment, the media should be well rinsed to remove all traces of previously used compound. Following this rinse

VIK-712BL should be run with the steel media for 15 or 20 minutes and then rinsed out. The equipment and steel media are now ready for top-notch results with this  burnishing compound.


VIK-720-BL  pH 5.0  (liquid)
Similar to VIK-700BL but with substantially greater degreasing and cleaning power. Yields astonishing results on grease and oil impregnated zinc die castings but is used on other metals and alloys as well. Will work with any media. When used in steel media burnishing operations, the steel media should be cleaned by running with this product for a brief period, then renewing the compound for continued operations. Keep from freezing.

Recommended Precautions

Suitable protective clothing plus skin and eye protection are advisable when using highly alkaline or acid materials (pH values are given in this brochure for every compound listed and described). It is acknowledged, however, that even the mildest of compounds may result in skin, eye, or mucous membrane irritation, depending on individual tolerance and sensitivity of the operator employed.


Liquids:  5 Gallon Pales or 55 gallon drums.  Totes available upon Request.

Powders:  50 lb boxes or 300 lb drums. 

Standard for RAVIK-2BP and RAVIK-5BP is 200 lb drums