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Vibratory Deburring Cleaning Compounds

Our deburring compounds contain a special blend of carefully selected high quality ingredients that add porosity to media for effective and controlled release of cutting abrasives. The results are clean quality parts, lower cycle times, increased productivity and enormous cost savings.

Vibratory Deburring Cleaning Compounds


VIK-9L Cleaner pH 8.0.  (Liquid)
An all-purpose liquid cleaner, especially developed for ferrous metals but effective on all metals and alloys. This compound has increased capability for lowering surface tension and is a good general purpose cleaner and degreaser with very low phosphate content.


VIK-10P Cleaner pH 12.5 (Powder)
A multi-purpose mildly alkaline, granular powder, highly concentrated and completely water soluble. While especially designed for use on ferrous metals, it is often employed, in low concentrations, with abrasive or non abrasive media for cleaning and deburring of softer metals and alloys, such as zinc and aluminum. Keeps media clean and free cutting. Assures good color and possesses excellent qualities as a degreaser. When pre-dissolved, serves as a high quality flow-through compound. VIK-10P cleaner is also effective as a neutralizer after acid descaling.


VIK-12P Cleaner pH 12.5 (Powder)
A highly concentrated alkaline cleaning, degreasing, neutralizing, washing and anti-corrosive compound in granulated powder form. Despite its low cost, this is an extremely effective general-purpose item for use in vibrators, tumbling barrels, dip tanks and metal washing machines. The degree of alkalinity confines VIK-12P Cleaner to ferrous metals only. Most effective as a short cycle degreasing compound and very economical as a neutralizer following acid descaling. Outstanding for removal of abrasive films and sludge after long cutting runs. Frequently used with abrasive media or compound in short deburr-ing cycles. Will attack gum rubber liners when used continuously and exclusively as the sole agent.


VIK-18L Cleaner pH 12.5  (Liquid)
A high-powered liquid anti-corrosive cleaner for use in long deburring runs on iron and steel parts. Ideally suited in high dilution for flow-through vibratory processing with ceramic or plastic media. The powerful anti-corrosive action of this compound, combined with excellent cleaning qualities, make this a very economical agent for unusually long processing cycles.



VIK-55-RL Compound pH 8.5  (Liquid)
A mildly alkaline cleaner specially developed for ferrous metals. While having good cleaning qualities, it also has good rust inhibiting properties. It is designed to give protection for reasonable periods of time between successive stages of processing and short storage periods. It will not interfere with other operations such as soldering, plating, welding, brazing, painting, etc. VIK-55RLcompound is especially recommended for vibrators or spindle machines using compound flow-through systems. This cleaner can be used with all types of media. To prevent any discoloration parts should always be allowed to dry before stacking flat surfaces together.



VIK-101L Cleaner pH 10.5  (Liquid)
A mildly alkaline, highly concentrated liquid general-purpose compound, especially designed for ferrous metals, but yielding good results on various non-ferrous metals also. Produces excellent color and brightness on zinc based and aluminum die castings, phosphor bronze and other alloys when used as directed, i.e. in maximum concentration of 1 oz. or less per gal. of water. One of the most economical and ideal flow-through compounds for batch type, automated batch.type and fully automatic continuous vibratory equipment. Creates optimum conditions for abrasive and non-abrasive media to do their work. Cleans, degreases, and brightens with good anti-corrosive powers. Similar in action to VIK-10P Cleaner. Contains no chromates, phosphates, nitrite, or nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA), and its detergent constituents are fully biodegradable.



VIK-122L Cleaner pH 12.0   (Liquid)
A liquid alkaline cleaning compound, very similar in action to VIK-12P powdered cleaner, for use in vibrators, tumbling barrels, dip tanks, and metal washing machines. Recommended for cleaning, degreasing, neutralizing and rust-inhibiting. Suitable for flow-through operations. Will not attack gum rubber liners. As in the case of VIK-12P Cleaner, this compound has been designed to meet anti-pollution control requirements.



Recommended Precautions

Suitable protective clothing plus skin and eye protection are advisable when using highly alkaline or acid materials (pH values are given in this brochure for every compound listed and described). It is acknowledged, however, that even the mildest of compounds may result in skin, eye, or mucous membrane irritation, depending on individual tolerance and sensitivity of the operator employed.



Liquids:  5 Gallon Pales or 55 gallon drums.  Totes available upon Request. 

Powders:  50 lb boxes or 300 lb drums. 

Standard for RAVIK-2BP and RAVIK-5BP is 200 lb drums