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Vibratory Decaling Compounds

Description:  Soften scale and rust so that action with the media in the work load removes them. Descaler No. 8, for instance, is a liquid high quality acid descaling compound so formulated as to greatly reduce any possibility

Descaling Compounds

VIK-Descaler-8     pH 2.0   (Liquid)
A highly concentrated liquid acid descaling compound formaulated with special inhibitors as a first quality product. Designed for use on delicate or critical work pieces of ferrous metals and alloys. Particularly effective in removing tough and heavy scale. Assures against hydrogen embrittle-ment when used as directed. Acid descaling runs should never be left uncompleted. It is imperative that they be rinsed quickly and followed immediately with a short cleaning run with such compounds as VIK-10P or VIK-12 Cleaners or their liquid counterparts, VIK-101L or VIK-122L Cleaners. In high dilution this product is sometimes used as a bleaching agent.


VIK-50-RPL    pH 8.5  (Liquid Rust Inhibitor)
While compounds contain corrosion inhibitors to protect work during processing, a rust inhibitor is necessary afterwards to protect ferrous parts. For this purpose VIK-50-RPL Rust Inhibitor is offered. It is a very economical, highly effective compound. Readily mixed with hot or cold water; is not flammable, contains no ingredients subject to rancidity and will not interfere with such subsequent operations as painting, soldering, brazing, welding, anodizing or electro-plating. When properly used, will not leave an oily film or affect the color. Where severe rusting conditions exist or are likely, dilute 1 part of inhibitor with 50 parts of water. For less severe circumstances, dilute 1 part of inhibitor with 75 parts water.



Recommended Precautions

Suitable protective clothing plus skin and eye protection are advisable when using highly alkaline or acid materials (pH values are given in this brochure for every compound listed and described). It is acknowledged, however, that even the mildest of compounds may result in skin, eye, or mucous membrane irritation, depending on individual tolerance and sensitivity of the operator employed.


Liquids:  5 Gallon Pales or 55 gallon drums.  Totes available upon Request.

Powders:  50 lb boxes or 300 lb drums. 

Standard for RAVIK-2BP and RAVIK-5BP is 200 lb drums