Viking Services:


It is in the customization of our basic designs to your parts specific needs that truly sets Viking apart from the competition. With an accomplished and proven design staff, Viking can build equipment from the ground up or simply modify existing models to tailor fit your cleaning application. At Viking we do not simply match your part to the closest machine size that will work. We match our blast equipment to your part, to provide the most efficient and economical cleaning solution possible.


Superior parts and service sets Viking’s Parts Department apart from the rest. We carry everything from blast blades to electrical components - even replacement parts to our competitors’ equipment.

Machine Rebuilding Services

Have an older shot blast system that is not running like it used to? Viking rebuild services are a cost effective way to bring life back to older equipment. We will rebuild Viking equipment or competitor machines. Please call for pricing.

Finishing Services & Surface Treatment
Viking Blast & Wash Systems helps our customers meet their short or long-term production requirements for a range of surface treatment processes. Our 30+ years of experience in building machinery has enabled us to develop robust and efficient machinery for processing your parts to specification with quick turn-around times.

  • CONTRACT BLAST CLEANING & PARTS TUMBLING: To remove flash, burrs, or scale, Viking provides shot blasting, edge de-burring, surface preparation & cleaning on both ferrous & non-ferrous components. In addition to shot blasting, we provide airless steel shot peening and glass shot peening to relieve stress build up in manufactured or remanufactured parts.
  •  CONTRACT PARTS WASHING: Viking utilizes rotary cabinet style parts washers as well as a large wash bay to clean oversized parts, allowing us to handle our customer’s parts washing challenges. We give solutions to your cleaning needs such as rust inhibiting treatment and acid etching. Viking can help you achieve the quality your customers are looking for with the lowest possible price.