The Propane Cylinder Blasters market continues to grow in the small and large tank blast cleaning arenas. Viking continues to expand the blast cleaning equipment offered for the 20 gal. all the way up to the 1000 gal. cylinders. Our engineering team along with our craftsmen builders continue to make Propane Cylinder Blasters that out-perform other manufacturers in ROI. We do this by incorporating the durability of our new VMAX wheels. Also, with a shot distribution pattern that flows smoothly and minimizes waste, the feed system and the air-wash system integrates with the blast wheels and continues to improve the efficiency of the blast cabinet by taking the dust and smaller particles out of the blast system. In critical areas of the blast cabinet replaceable cast chrome-moly is used to further increase the wear-life. If you have a cylinder to blast, please call us at 1-800-835-1096 or email us at