At Viking Wheel Blast Systems, we’re excited to offer shot blasting services for your parts, as you might be down, waiting for updates on your blasting machine or buying a new machine.  Rather than using a system that isn’t prepared to handle your parts’ requirements, get in touch with us for shot blasting services that will leave you with fully cleaned parts.

We offer grit and shot blasting services for all of those parts that do not fit within your current blasting capabilities. Whether you have manufactured parts that are large or small, we have a wide range of capabilities with our in-house blasting equipment, handling everything from forge and foundry parts, to propane tanks, to parts from other manufacturing processes. For those who wish to have continued shot blasting services with us, we offer short-term or longer-term contract arrangements to ensure your parts stay cleaned into the future. If you have any questions about a particular part or our capabilities, contact us today or call: 316-634-6699

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