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Completely owned and operated in the United States, Viking Wheel Blast Systems manufactures and distributes a full line of industrial cleaning machines including abrasive shot blast machines, parts washers and vibratory deburring equipment. Such equipment cleans and removes mill scale, dirt and rust, and is ideal for the preparation of large numbers or exceptionally complex parts. We also offer an extensive line of replacement parts, including replacement parts for our competitors’ equipment. Additionally, we offer a wide range of premium quality abrasives and cleaning compounds.

The Viking Difference

Our Equipment and Parts

Viking began manufacturing shot blast machines for the automotive industry more than 40 years ago. Since that time, Viking’s product line has expanded from a few standard machines specific to that industry to a full product line. Our location in the center of the country allows us to offer fast and convenient shipping. Viking industrial cleaning machines can be found in numerous industries operating in more than 25 countries.

  • All In-house Manufacturing
  • Built & Assembled in USA
  • Industry-Leading Warranties
  • Team for On-site Service

The Viking Difference

Our Customization Capabilities

It is in the customization of our basic designs to your parts-specific-needs that truly sets Viking apart from the competition. With an accomplished and proven engineering staff, Viking can build shot blast machines and aqueous wash equipment from the ground up or simply modify existing models to tailor-fit your cleaning application. At Viking, we do not simply match your part to the closest machine size that will work. We match our shot blast equipment to your part to provide the most efficient and economical cleaning solution possible.

Unparalleled Service

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Our Leadership

The Viking senior leadership team works closely with accomplished engineers and fabricators to create the most efficient and economical cleaning solutions possible.

Deron Lock

President/VP of Sales

Martin Freund

Field Tech & Quality Control Manager