Equipment for the Welding Gas Industry

Welding gas cylinder cleaning and re-qualifying is an essential part of providing a safe, quality product to the market. In the past, many organizations have used manual blast systems to clean and prepare the surface for finishing prior to refilling. Viking Blast & Wash Systems specializes in producing batch style and pass through systems to greatly increase throughput, yielding higher volume and consistent surface preparation for better paint adhesion. Find the right machine that fits your production needs at:

Welding Gas


Our GC111 batch style can process roughly 120 cylinders per 8 hour shift and the SR12-1 pass through can process as many as 1200 cylinders per 8 hour shift. Let us help you automate your welding gas cylinder cleaning today.

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  • Built & Assembled in USA
  • Machine Customization
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Equipment Matched to Your Part

At Viking, we do not simply match your part to the closest machine size that will work. We match our equipment to your part to provide the most efficient and economical cleaning solution possible.

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