Machinery for the Propane Industry

Viking Wheel Blast Systems leads the industry in supplying application-specific shot blasters and aqueous parts washers for refinishing propane tanks. Viking makes eight standard propane tank shot blasters for shot and grit blasting of your propane cylinders, as well as three standard units for washing propane cylinders.



Viking shot blasters can handle refinishing propane tanks of all sizes, with everything from 20 lb. exchange cylinders to 1,000 gallon tanks in numerous configurations including custom size and throughput applications. Our standard propane tank shot blasters dominated the industry 20 years ago and still are the most popular batch style machine available in the industry. Viking refinishing propane tank washers have become more popular in the last 10 years as propane distributors replace some blasting with the lower cost washing of cylinders prior to refill and re-label. Viking handles its own building of propane tank shot blasters, providing you with high-quality solutions to suit your needs.

  • All In-house Manufacturing
  • Built & Assembled in USA
  • Machine Customization
  • Industry-Leading Warranties

Featured Propane Cylinder Blasters and Propane Cylinder Washers

Equipment Matched to Your Part

At Viking, we do not simply match your part to the closest machine size that will work. We match our equipment to your part to provide the most efficient and economical cleaning solution possible.

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