Structural/Plate Shot Blasting Machines

Equipment for the Structural/Plate Industry

Whatever your production requirements or budget constraints, Viking Wheel Blast Systems has a Structural/Plate blast cleaning system for you. Our Structural/Plate Machinery can effectively clean large plate and I-beam, leaving you with a clean surface that you can easily finish.

Featured Structural/Plate Wheel Blast Systems

Viking Wheel Blast systems builds machinery in the structural/plate industry. If your company has been searching for an effective method for cleaning a wide variety of materials from plate steel to structural I-beams, Viking offers a full line of roller table wheel blast systems.

Key features of wheel blast systems for Structural/Plate:

• Removes rust and scale from exterior surfaces of plate, flats, and structural members
• The variable feed rate is adjustable to provide for different surface finishes ranging from a SSPC-7 brush
off finish to a completely white metal finish of SSPC-5.
• Typical 2-20 linear feet per minute cleaning cycle times.
• 2 abrasive isolation vestibules buffer the workplace from errant abrasive.
• Air-wash separator has a lip-type, hinged and counter weighted spreader to ensure even distribution of
the abrasive across the air stream.
• High velocity blast wheels capable of throwing abrasive at speeds of 300 feet per second, positioned for
optimal coverage
• Blast cabinet can be wear lined with manganese and replaceable 1/2” thick cast chrome blast plates for
durability and low maintenance.

Equipment Matched to Your Part

At Viking, we do not simply match your part to the closest machine size that will work. We match our equipment to your part to provide the most efficient and economical cleaning solution possible.

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