Viking tub style and rotary bowl vibratory/deburring shakers have been serving automotive rebuilders for 40 years and have become widely accepted in many industrial and oil field applications as well.  Designed for aqueousbased cleaning compounds to flush the media it is suited for almost any environment and for small and large jobs. Our vibratory deburring machines are designed to improve the overall finish of your parts. 

Viking Wheel Blast Systems has the solution for all your mass finishing applications. Let us provide you with superior parts cleaning equipment. Our systems are built to suit a multitude of cleaning applications. These deburring machines are known for quality, heavy-duty construction. We provide a line of products to help with surface cleaning and preparation of industrial partsWe will accommodate your specific requirements! 

In the vibratory deburring process, a container consisting of the industrial parts and tumbling media is subjected to a controlled vibration to assist with small and larger jobs alikeIn the process chamber to move in action causes the media to affect the surface of the components. The vibration causes the media within the machine to tumble and rub against the parts, resulting in a polished finish. Vibratory deburring is one of the most cost-effective finishing processes as it requires minimal or no labor. 

At Viking Wheel Blast Systems, we manufacture a wide range of vibratory finishing equipment, tumbling machines, vibratory deburring tubs, and more! 

Equipment Matched to Your Part

At Viking, we do not simply match your part to the closest machine size that will work. We match our equipment to your part to provide the most efficient and economical cleaning solution.

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